Idea Marine

Design and supply of new Fixed Pitch Propellers


RoRo ship propellers with highest ice class  

Supply of new propellers diameter 5.4m and 10 tons for RoRo ship. Improved efficiency 4%. Idea Marine made a special transportation jig for shipping them without re-loading and avoiding special road transportation.

Fire Fighting Vessel Bangladesh 

Supply of propeller for Fire fighting vessel in Bangladesh.  Public purchase.

mv Sjögull – passenger vessel

New improved propellers with minimized vibration and noise level. Improved acceleration and manouever performance. Measure of power and torsional vibrations.

mv Vånö, Vaxö, Värmdö et al

Supply of totaly 18 propellers for fast speed passenger ships in Stockholm archipelago. The ships are the backbone in Stockholm water borne traffic.

mv Västan – passenger vessel Stockholm 

Supply of new propeller for electric propulsion.

Navy Tankers Bangladesh

Supply of totally 6 propellers for 3 logistic vessels for Bangladesh Navy.  Public purchase.