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Eckerö Åland/Finland 

Conversion of old propeller blades to fit new operation and higher ice class. Reduced vibrations to 50% . Increased efficiency 5-8%.

CP Propeller blades 5.3m – Great Lakes Bulker  

Improved performance 7-3% and better channel manouevering abillity.

Supply of CP Propeller blades United States 

Model tested propeller blades, diameter 5,4m, (SSPA) verified 11% improvement. Daily reduction of fuel 3200kg (cost 2000usd/d). Now possible to maintain schedule with only one engine in operation.

San Arawa Trawler Cape Horn

Substitution of propeller blades for ship in Cape Horn area. The Shipowner is involved in research of sustainable fishing i Argentina.

Blidösund Stockholm 

New design for a 100 year old steam ship.

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About Idea Marine

Idea Marine AB was founded 2010 by Naval Architect Ola Stephanson.

Since the start five years ago the total turnover has been about EUR 3 million. Large investments in propulsion analysing tools has been made, e.g DNV Software, CAD, Vibration and Power measurements etc . Idea Marine is the only Swedish firm specilized in Power measurements of ship propulsion.